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Let you in on a little secret... We use Wordfence, and for some very good reasons. Oh, Wordfence is no secret by any means, it is a feature packed security plugin and, in my honest opinion, the best. Our sites, forgive the possessive tone, have been problem free with Wordfence (One site quickly approaching 1500 users). Not that we haven't had hackers, you should see what some people try to log in with, so there is the tech entertainment value too. We strongly recommend Wordfence to all our clients.

We've never had a loss with Wordfence

Our sites, forgive the possessive tone, have been problem free with Wordfence (One site quickly approaching 1500 users). Not that we haven’t had hackers, you should see what some people try to log in with.  So there is the tech entertainment value too. Wordfence lets us maintain out sense of humor about security.  However, we strongly recommend Wordfence to all our clients.

The other day (4.08.16) I received an email alert from Wordfence. The Panama Papers had just been leaked and there was lots of speculation on the web about it. Here is what the Wordfence alert said;

The news this week has been filled with the so called “Panama Papers” which have resulted in the resignation of at least one world leader, the Icelandic Prime Minister, and have caused controversy to surround others including Russian President Putin and British prime minister Cameron.
The data involved was taken from a Panamanian Law Firm called Mossack Fonseca (MF) by a hacker and reveals secret financial structures used by the powerful and wealthy to hide their assets around the world.
We performed an analysis of MF’s network and it seems that the breach may have been caused by an outdated WordPress plugin: Revolution Slider. It turns out that not updating your WordPress plugins may result in the fall of world leaders and the largest data breach to journalists in history.

Well, so much for speculation, Wordfence was on the case...

But this brought up another problem.  I had been running older versions of Revolution Slider at the time because when they updated to v. 5.0 the interface had changed quite a bit.  By April 8 I had gotten up to speed with the new interface, but I had been knowingly rolling the dice by not updating a couple of my sites.  I had been doing this because I didn’t have the time to make a new slider yet and was afraid a new version of the software would screw up the looks of the old one.
Today we no longer use Slider Revolution much, it’s just too slow and it’s one of the most hacked WordPress plugins today.

Wordfence is packed with Features

  • Email Alerts ~ Wordfence emails you anytime something needs your attention.  This includes plugins which need updated, plugins or core files which have changed, suspicious files which are present, users who have been locked out.  Full Service Security!
  • Frequent website scanning ~ Wordfence scans your site periodically and compares the files and plugins with the originals available from the source.  If there is a change Wordfence allows you to view the changes and revert back to the previous version.  Scans can be run manually whenever you like as well.
  • Falcon Engine ~ This is a must have on every website we build.  It is a Premium feature but for less than $5. a month it is a valuable gain.
  • Spam protection ~ This is not just for the Comment section, though that’s included too.  Wordfence checks your site to see if it is Spam-vertised, or generating spam itself.
  • Cell phone sign-in ~ Let’s you sign in to your Wordfence Security from your mobile device.
  • Remote scans ~ Once signed in on your mobile device, scans can be initiated.  For when time is of the essence.
  • Password Auditing ~ Perform an actual user password audit and email weak password holders requesting they update to stronger passwords.
  • Premium Support ~ It’s easy, for less than $5 per month, you get all the Premium Features and Support too, should you ever need it.
  • Country Blocking ~  We like this one a lot.  You pick which countries to allow or block.  Simple as that.

And don’t think we’re afraid to put my money where our mouths are.  We maintain multiple premium keys for our clients use.

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