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This is being written to serve as a reference material, a guide to refer back to. We will be using it ourselves so we will be trying to keep it as current as time and workload permits. However that does not mean the website will always match what you see on this post, these are only linked screenshots after all.

The idea for this page came from finding these sorts of posts on other sites. One would list 25, another would list 16, sometimes they had the same info, sometimes not. So, I thought it would be a good idea to try to collect them all in one place.

I must confess I have not investigated all of these yet. I have my favorites but taste in photos is always a a matter of personal taste.

I will also probably be re-ordering these as time goes by to reflect my own personal tastes. This is not to imply that any one site has better pix than another, it is merely for my convenience as I return to use the list.


This is one of my favorites. The quality level of the photos is very high and I have built whole projects from this site alone.


Again, very clear on the landing page; “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.” These guys have some very nice shots, very nice quality.


Pixabay is nice for several reasons. First it tells you on the landing page that no attribution is required, and it offers vector graphics, illustrations and videos.


UnrestrictedStock.com also offers vectors and videos as well. They have a separate license page instead of relying on the standard form.


The landing page greets you with a slider which tells you immediately “no attribution required”


A somewhat different approach to it’s handling, this site lets you download everything at once, for free, in a zip file.


Attribution Required/Non-Commercial use only

The screenshot for this one does not show any photos, just the site’s search window, which is connected to a very nice search engine. This site provides a text to insert at the bottom of your page with the download and a link to view the terms, or even the license itself if you wish to view it.







PicJumbo is pretty helpful by alerting you to new collections which you can download.  For a very small fee they will let you use anything you want.


I must admit to two things at this point.  First, at the time of this writing I have not checked this site out, yet.  Second, there are becoming too many of these to keep making comments on each of them.  So I’ll be shutting up a bit more during this list.


This site is the photography of Martin Vorel.  Martin has some very nice shots and a nice eye for photos.  He says you don’t have  to attribute, but he would like it very much if you did anyway.  Seems like a reasonable request.


This one has turned out to be very nice.  Good quality shots. Am using this one more often these days.

Folkert Gorter| Superfamous.com

The Photos of Folkert Gorter ~ while not like all the rest of the entries on this post, I include it because Folkert has a good and interesting eye as a photographer. I really like his work, and he will let you use them, but be sure to check the copyright requirements before you use any of it.


This one is a little different in that you can make requests for certain subject/objects to be photographed.  Interesting idea, though I have not tried it yet.


Following the link at the bottom of the page takes you to the actual CC0 License for this site. The site is for images copyrighted by Getty Images, but that does not mean that all Getty Images are free to use. What it does mean is that the images on this page can be used for free, and with no attribution needed. There is a provision for using the images for editorial purposes, which, in this one instance the attribution does need to be given. However, videos and audio/videos must carry an attribution. They have their own license page


Yes, that’s really how the website looks, all off to one side.  I checked two browsers to be sure, but they do have free-to-use pix.


This site has some nice shots.  However, the site itself is slow to load.  It also doesn’t want to co-operate with Firefox browser very well either, hence it’s position at the bottom of this list.


Coverr.co is a bit different since it deals with videos, free to use that is.

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