Maintenance on a WordPress site just doesn’t seem that hard, and it isn’t. What is difficult is getting in the habit of performing it each and every day, without fail.

You see, when doing maintenance it seems as though nothing ever happens. You update this, you update that, but it’s all rather uneventful and mundane.  Eventually maintenance becomes assigned to the “not that important” category. Updates get done less often. Vulnerabilities left open are seized upon. Before you know it some slick character is spam-vertizing with your site, or worse.

What does Maintenance provide?

Raging River will physically and personally visit your site daily, almost aways twice, perform any updates which are waiting, monitor comments for potential link building attempts, and make sure no new problems have developed.

Raging River receives and monitors daily alerts from Wordfence Security and will take the appropriate actions.

Raging River also monitors alerts from your hosting provider and your domain service to help you avoid unintended service interruptions.

Raging River will also perform small changes to the website pages periodically. We know that a website is an evolving creature, and we will be glad to help you let it breathe from time to time.

As an added feature Raging River will monitor and ensure any plugins which have become depricated, abandoned or problematic are removed and replaced with a tested replacement as soon as possible.

Do I really need someone to help me maintain my site?

Coding is always evolving.  Hackers are always searching.  Wordfence is always sending alerts about vulnerabilities which seem cryptic, at best.  Google is rapidly changing the way it conducts business right now, and that’s generating messages from many sources that don’t make much sense, but they look like they might be important.  And what to do with, and about all this info is unclear.


My plate is too full already, there is no room, or time, or patience for any of this.  I have enough to do running the rest of my business matters, but I still need a website.

I’m just not computer savvy, but I still need a website and the contents updated periodically.  I mean, items come and items go and no one wants to look at the same thing all the time.

Okay, so how much already?

$60 if paid on a monthly basis

$600 if paid annually ($120 savings over our monthly rate)

(Note: This service is not to be interpreted or construed as an absolute guarantee against damage from outside, unwarranted sources.  We will do our best, but so will the bad guys.)

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