3d illustration of a large padlock attached to a metallic WordPress logo over a dark gray reflective surface

WordPress CMS

We use WordPress CMS, so do over one fourth of all websites running today, including some of the biggest names.

WordPress is known as a do it yourself-er’s dream, it can also become a do it yourself nightmare and the results will look like… 

Well, it will look like your first website.  Mine took place in 2003, and I’m awful happy I can’t show it to you. 

Back then I didn’t have any knowledge of CSS, JavaScript or jQuery to help me.  Truthfully, at the time I didn’t even know I needed any of that.

Of course there are some great tutorial sites like Bento.io which will help get you educated on the how-to of these different code languages. 

But if you need a website today you probably just don’t have the time to learn new languages.  Especially since the learning process can take months, or even years, depending on your dedication and personal schedule.

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