Security, of course, is more important than ever, and it has always been our primary concern.  You might say it’s in our blood.  And each day new challenges arise, a trend which is not likely to change.  Raging river Web Services has put together a proven security line-up which has not been breached yet.  If your too busy or not technically savvy enough to monitor and interpret daily alerts, we are happy to offer a very affordable Maintenance Package.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is a large part of Raging River’s proven security lineup. Wordfence really is no secret, in fact it’s one of the most popular security plugins available for WordPress. Raging River has been using WordPress for several years now, and it has never let us down, not even once once.

Raging River will install Wordfence Security on all repairs, new builds and site-updates we perform, and it’s free. However, should you decide that you would like to upgrade to the Premium version, we can probably help you save some money. 

Raging River Web Services maintains multiple premium keys which are available for lease at a discounted rate from the single purchase price

Raging River purchases it’s premium keys in lots and passes this savings on to you. Raging River retains all ownership of these discounted keys, transaction done on a yearly lease basis only, rate subject to change upon renewal. Renewal price keyed to Wordfence current sales price, but will always retain a significant discount from full price.

Wordfence is packed with features

This bridge does not lead to Raging River and it doesn’t look too safe.
So don’t go that way.

Email Alerts ~ Wordfence emails you anytime something needs your attention.  This includes plugins which need updated, plugins or core files which have changed, suspicious files which are present or users who have been locked out.  Full Service Security!

Frequent website scanning ~ Wordfence scans your site periodically and compares the files and plugins with the originals available from the source.  If there is a change Wordfence allows you to view the changes and revert back to the previous version.  Scans can be run manually whenever you like as well.

Spam protection ~ This is not just for the Comment section, though that’s included too.  Wordfence checks your site to see if it is Spam-vertised, or generating spam itself.

Cell phone sign-in ~ Let’s you sign in to your Wordfence Security from your mobile device.  Premium Feature

Remote scans ~ Once signed in on your mobile device, scans can be initiated.  For when time is of the essence.  Premium Feature

Password Auditing ~ Perform an actual user password audit and email weak password holders requesting they update to stronger passwords.

Country Blocking ~  We like this one a lot.  You pick which countries to allow or block.  Simple as that.  Premium Feature


“Uh, but what if all of the above fails and my site data comes out scrambled?”

Backups are all important.  You rarely need them but when you do, you really do.  It’s possible to perform a backup from the site itself, and one from the server itself.  At Raging River we feel it is best to schedule both on a regular basis.

Raging River performs periodic site backups as a regular feature of it’s maintenance plan, and at only $30 per month..  It just makes sense, you don’t want your site to go down and neither do we.

Secure Socket Layer

In the last few years WordPress added SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to it’s software. This did cause a few minor problems for people using plugins like NextGEN Photo Gallery, but all in all we welcomed this added Security Layer as a bit overdue.

Ever wonder what the difference between “http://” and “https://” is?  In short it means that you are secure for others to use, your site is not anonymously run, and first time visitors are not greeted with a warning about your security, or lack of it. 

To accomplish this the website owner must purchase, be approved for, and install an SSL Security Certificate.  This is best done early in the website’s career, but if that’s not the case don’t worry.  Raging River can handle the installation for you. 

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