Today, the importance of design can never be stressed enough. We are a visual people. If it don’t look good we ain’t buyin’ it.

Fortunately Raging River has a long background with designs and presentations from a great variety of media.

Working closely with you, Raging River will design your responsive site to fit your needs perfectly.

What We Provide

Raging River will provide the initial setup and customization including;

Analytics ~ See who is visiting your site, where they are coming from and what they visit.

The monks in this monastery are not on our staff, so please don’t bother them.

Responsive ~ Today’s websites are built for mobile usage first, desktop last.

High Speed ~ All the sites we build or design are speed tested, load times always worked down to a minimum.

Child Theme ~ A Child Theme is standard with all our sites.  Upgrades will no longer remove any customizations.

Wordfence Security ~ Raging River got in on the ground floor, so to speak, with Wordfence, and we have never had a regret or reason to look elsewhere.

Software ~ Raging River has researched the best and fastest software available.  There is a bit of a learning curve for newcomers, but you will love the results.

Tested Plugins ~ Raging River researches and uses only the most popular and active plugins available.  Popular means plenty of opportunities for bug fixes, while active means the author is still updating on a regular basis.  We are also closely monitoring the recent sales of plugins to unscrupulous businessmen looking to place back-doors in your site.

Search Engine Registry ~ Set-up on the larger search engines, registry, verification, XML site-maps generated and search engine spiders pointed to them.

Hosting Available ~ Dedicated or Shared hosting is available.  We feature Free SSL Certification (sorry Namecheap!) and Cloudflare Security has returned.  Inquire for rates. (Rate table coming soon, we have only recently returned this feature.)

Customer Input

It’s your website…

It’s your vision.  Raging River wants to help you see it come about, and we will work closely with you throughout the process, but we will need to know what that vision is. 

Keep in mind that basic content, such as media and the message you wish to convey is something only you can provide.  We will help you to say it well.  We can even guide you to some very good sources for images, but your input is still all-important in this process.







Design Form

Fill out as completely as you can.  This will save time, effort and give us a basic starting point.

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