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WordPress has taken the lead.

WordPress began as a humble blogging platform in 2003, However WordPress has grown into one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the internet today.  In fact here are some statistics;


drives over 27% of all websites today.

is used on 19.5 million websites currently.

share of the global CMS market is estimated at 50 to 60%.  This makes it the most popular CMS for 7 consecutive years in a row.

powers 14.7% of top 100 websites in the world.

is the fastest growing CMS. Roughly 500+ new sites are being built each day which rank in the top 10 million websites on the web (compared to Shopify’s and Squarespace’s 60-80).

keyword is Googled around 2.8 million times every month.

With WordPress you're in good company

Some of the biggest and most recognizable names today use WordPress.  Here are just a few;

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Before there were Plugins

Now We’ve never been inclined to follow the crowd.  In fact, you could say we have (In this case “I” is more fitting.) been out ahead of it.  You see, I’ve been using WordPress since it was one year old, before there were even plugins to it.  Yes that’s right, I remeber using it when it was only just a blogging platform.

However, with their increased popularity comes a huge advantage and that is troubleshooting.  You see with this many users any problem or shortcoming is discovered rapidly and fixed almost immediately.  Indeed, WordPress does an excellent job of beta testing before the release of an update these days, and there is rarely any problem when an update is actually released.  

So click the button below, fill out the form as fully as you can and we’ll get you rolling with one of the most stable and popular platforms out.  You’ll never regret it.

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