Free Image Sources

This Post on free image sources is a WIP and probably should be a page, but it started as a blog post so I'll keep it as one.  This being written to serve as a reference material, a guide to …

Wordfence Security Plugin Review

Let you in on a little secret... We use Wordfence, and for some very good reasons.  Oh, Wordfence is no secret by any means, it is a feature packed security plugin and, in my honest opinion, the best.  Our sites, forgive …

Installing an Extra Blog Page on WordPress

You can't do it... It always starts like that; "You can't do it!"  No one can resist the temptation to type that, myself included, but don't give up... Installing an extra Blog page on WordPress is an old trick that all the …

CSS Code: Fixed No-Repeat Site Background

This question always comes up, especially in WordPress, and today, while looking for something else I found three ways to do this, all on one site.  Let me explain that...When I was first learning code I had a terrible time …

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