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Raging River Web Services

The devil is always in the details

When people hear the words Web Designer it seems as though this brings to mind someone with a magic wand.  At Raging River we don’t have any magic wands, because that would be weird.

What do we have?


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Raging River Designs

Today we are ruled by our perceptions.

Perception is real, even when it's not reality.

Your website is your "store window" for the net.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Now You Too Can Be A Web Designer!

The tone of the ads for things like WIX, GoDaddy page publisher and other varieties always reminds me of those ads in the back of the comic books when I was a kid.  Complete this course and you too can be a successful TV repairman! 

Even as a child we knew these ads were hocum, and it made you wonder about the company running these ads.  Were they waiting for those few gullible marks who would actually fall for this drivel?  Or were there that many true suckers out there that this company’s employees were in tall cotton?

Anyone can design a website today! 

Yes, they certainly can.  In fact there have never been quite as many opportunities to make your website look like just anyone designed it.

However, Web Design isn’t about ego, or at least it shouldn’t be.  It’s purpose is sales, pure and simple.  Whether these sales be monetary, or loyalty, or perhaps even a readership, it all comes down to sales in the end.

A Professional Design entails much more today than just making a pretty site. 

  • Funnels
  • Search Indexing
  • Resposnsive
  • SEO
  • SASS
  • Caching
  • CDN
  • Alternate Tags

All the above are must-haves for a successful website today.  If you don’t know what all these mean, without Google’s help that is, you won’t know you need to devote any attention to them. 

Construction works... of course.

Raging River Web Services


At Raging River we design beautiful, unique websites focused on converting the window-shoppers to customers.  However, if you are on a tight budget we have options to help you out with that as well.

Your website needs to be engaging, modern, responsive, mobile ready, cross-browser compatible and it should function properly.  All of our sites meet these requirements as a bare minimum.


Have you been hacked?  Is someone spam-vertising on your site?  Have you neglected your site’s updates for too long? (Yes, that really happened.) 

Did a previous “designer” leave things half-done or not done at all?  Or is it just a mess and you need help? 

Raging River has repaired many a website.  We’ll get you up and running again quickly and affordably.

Visual Composer Rescue

If you’re presently using Visual Composer on your website we can free you from it’s clutches.

Using VC you know what it’s like to watch the seasons change while you await the loading of your page.  This gives you plenty of time to think about all those potential customers who are wandering off never to return again.  Not good.

No guilt necessary.  I’ll even confess I once used it myself.

But design draws them in.

Raging River Web Services


Raging River offers an affordable Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website.  Checking you’re own site for updates each day seems like a simple mundane task, but we do so much more.

Raging River will monitor the health of your site, receive and monitor notices from your domain registrar, hosting  and security provider to ensure that your site stays up, is free of vulnerabilities and looks good at all time. 

WordPress CMS

Raging River uses WordPress, among other softwares.

Today, WordPress is used on over 28% (last I checked) of websites published.  It has grown from a simple blogging platform to one of the most popular CMSs (Content Management System) today.

Raging River has been using WordPess since it was only a year old, even before there were plugins.


Security is more important every day, and websites has never been more vulnerable than it is today. 

Raging River’s time-tested security system has never been beat yet.  Not once!  Let us give you a level of security you can afford to take for granted.  Because we purchase software on a bulk basis we can save you money over the retail versions

We’ve never lost a patient yet!

Don't treat security like a game.

Raging River Web Services

Contact Us

Almost all websites in existance today use a Contact Form.  For our purposes we needed more case specific versions for different applications.  So simply select the Contact Form which pertains to your needs, or if you simply have a quick question or concern feel free to select the Contact Us button below.

If you’re looking for a website, this is the place to start.

Website on the Fritz?  We’ll get you back on track as fast as we can, and we’ll leave you safer than you were.

Do you need your website to be something that you don’t have to be be concerned about?  Click this botton to end your concerns

This is where to start to end the slow loading caused by using Visual Composer (aka WP Bakery)  We will free you from it’s molasses-like clutches in short order.

Finally, this is where you can ask us a question or two or ask for help not covered elsewhere, such as Customization.

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