Every Single Day

Maintenance is a simple task.  Here’s what you must do;

Log into your website(s)

Check for updates

Update themes and plugins, on a test site first to avoid service interruptions

Interpret and repair causes of any warnings from these updates

Verify updates did not cause damage to the display of the site.

Monitor and interpret (understand) security alerts from the security plugin

Act on those alerts if need be

Monitor age and update status of installed plugins, outdated, abandoned plugins represent a significant security risk and should be removed/replaced

Research new plugins to replace outdated, abandoned plugins.

Sounds easy, right?  Well apart from that is the thought that this task must be performed without fail at least once a day.  Raging River Web Services will do this twice a day.

Once you sign up, and give us access, you don’t have to think about it anymore, we will.

Let Raging River save you money

Keeping an eye on the other guy we see rates of $79.00 per month for maintenance services, and in cut-rate locations such as Craig’ List.  Raging River can do better than that;

Monthly Maintenance


Yearly Maintenance


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