Design your own website, without knowing any code!

We’ve all seen these ads, in fact it’s rather hard to miss them.  And they are rather convincing.

Anyone can design a website today! 

Yes, they certainly can.  In fact there have never been more opportunities to make your website look like just “anyone” designed it.  I’m not trying to be harsh but would like to point out that all my experience has been in presentation, from print to live performance.   And my very first website still looked like my very first website, but I had a developed eye to know immediately just how bad it looked.

However, Web Design isn’t about ego, doing it yourself, or even pinching pennies.  At least it shouldn’t be.  It’s purpose is sales, pure and simple.  Whether these sales be monetary, or loyalty, or perhaps even a readership, it all comes down to sales in the end.

A Professional Design entails much more today than merely making a pretty site.  SalesFunnels, Search Indexing, Resposnsive, SEO, Caching, CDN, Alternate tags, Sizing and Compression, minify .js, and SASS are all must-haves for a successful business website today.  If you don’t know what all these mean – without Google’s help that is – you probably won’t know you need to devote any attention to it.

Beautiful, Functional, Responsive, but above all Unique

At Raging River we design websites to be unlike anyone else’s.  There is a growing trend these days to use pre-built templates, and we have literally hundreds of them at our fingertips, but this is like designing with a cookie-cutter.  Raging River believes “Design” means tailor-made.

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