Gutenberg Shoots WP Designers In Foot

Gutenberg Editor is being lauded by some as the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but mostly by newcomers and employees. In truth, most longtime WordPress users are way too familiar with Automattic and it's various and assorted antics to be very impressed at all.

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Increasing Your wp_memory_limit

We use Elementor Page Builder and an awful lot of people use WooCommerce. Both of these require increasing your wp_memory_limit. I find myself answering this question more and more often these days in various Facebook tech groups so I thought a helpful post would be a good thing. Let's get to it.

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59 Free To Use Image Sites

59 free to use image sites; I had to say that for Google because this is meant to be a resource, both for me and for seekers of those not so elusive images which are free to use. The idea came as I was searching for free images for a client to use. I noticed that most of the posts would list 12, or 16, or maybe 20 image sources, but usually not the same ones.

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